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Drum IntensivePhotos from: Drum & Dance Intensive, Oakland, October 2005

"Drumming as Our Medicine allows us to Transform Our Planetary Consciousness"~AWT


Hello Friends, I am on my way to Oregon in the next couple weeks and would love to drum with you and friends. See you soon, here are the details!

Afia Walking Tree tour dates in Oregon February 26 to March 6, 2011

Saturday, February 26th Offerings
All Level Gourd Song Shekere 12 to 1:30PM ($15-20)
These sacred vessels hold intention and healing vibrations. What is your gourdsong? Gourds available in class

SALSA at the Secret Society Ballroom with Melao de Cuba 9:30 PM
116 NE Russell St., Portland. Afia sits in Virginia Lopez and her HOT 8-piece Salsa Band!

Sunday, February 27th Offerings at Rhythm Traders, Portland
Drum Our Souls Free (2 PM to 345 PM $15-20)
Allow the drum to touch your soul and fly free in this Fun-Drum-Play Journey while finding your vibe-voice

Intermediate/Advanced Djembe-Dunun Fevah* (4 to 630 PM $20-25)
Embody the drum from the inside out! Step into the deepest and clearest drum-talk soul-speak you desire!

Wednesday, March 2 Bay City Art Center, Tillamook County, OR
Drum our Souls Free (530 to 7 PM $1520)
DrumVoiceDance: An Evening of Ecstatic InnerMingling (730 to 930PM $10-20)

Saturday, March 5th Tamiyasu Orchards, Hood River, OR
DrumVoiceDance: An Evening of Ecstatic InnerMingling (730 to 930PM $10-20)

Sunday, March 6th Tamiyasu Orchards, Hood River, OR
Drum our Souls Free - All level (12 to 3 PM $25 35)

REGISTER for ALL Workshops and Privates: 503-535-9281 or Email Tissassat at lovenrhythms@gmail.com www.spiritdrumz.org

WELCOME everyone All drum styles Bring your drum & use ours Bring a sacred item that holds your intentions Basic West African Diasporic drum and percussion techniques, folklore, elemental practices and universal teachings Thank you my teachers and co-collaborators you have deepened my knowledge of my purpose - I honor you. I am grateful to walk with Earth Goddess, Nana Buruku Ma Ajuba, oracle and elemental guide. See you in the circle!

LOCATION FOR FEB 25 & 27: Rhythm Traders 3904 NE M.L.K. Jr., Blvd., Portland, OR (503) 288-6950 www.rhythmtraders.com
LOCATION FOR March 2: Bay City Art Center 5680 A street bay city oregon 97107 503.377.9620
LOCATION FOR March 5 & 6 : Tamiyasu Orchards 55OO Binns Hill Road, Hood River, OR 97031


THURSDAYS Intermediate Drumming Evenings 5 - 6:30 pm. Sebastopol, CA. Email mweaver@aol.com to join the circle.

THURSDAYS: Come dance with us in Sebastopol to live drumming at Kris Freewoman's Dance Class at the Sebastopol Youth Annex from 7 - 8:30pm. $12-15 sliding scale! krisfreewoman.com

COMING this Spring!!

Drum Our Souls Free Evenings Stay tuned for more details!
Allow the drum to touch your soul and fly free in this Fun-Drum-Play Journey while finding your vibe-voice. All Levels especially beginners mind welcome, All drum styles welcome, bring your drum or use ours, bring a sacred item for our community altar!

This experiential journey is filled with Fun Drum Play, Belly Laughter, and Contextualization as you find and hone your rhythmic voice. Live into our free selves now! Basic African Diasporic drum and percussion techniques for all levels; Explore rhythmic freedom with djembes, congas, dununs, bells, shekeres, voice, stories, songs, and movement.
"Afia synthesizes the drum from the inside out as medicine!"

Time: 6 to 8 pm; $15-20 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds, exchange/trade, and payment plans available)

Location: TBA
Email Afia at: spiritdrumz@me.com or Call (510) 534-9603

San Francisco Earth Day: April 23

April 30: Sebastopol Earth Day! April 30

June 9 - 12: Ontario Womens Drum Camp, Ontario Canada Register Now at Drumcamps.ca

Thursday, June 30:Women Drummers International: Drum Masestras Concert, Location to be announced Women Drummers International

July 1 - 4: Women Drummers International Annual Born to Drum Camp in Petaluma, CA! Register now for this world-class women's drum and dance camp at Women Drummers International

August 27: Sistahs Steppin' in Pride: East Bay Dyke March & Festival Check us out today!Sistahs Steppin' in Pride


Private, Semi Private and Small Group Coaching Sessions and Teachings!

Privates (1 person): Individual drumming instruction offers fertile ground for letting go fears and anxiety of playing with others in public. Practice specific technique that builds confidence and stamina while fine-tuning timing, precision, and multi-drum instrumentation.

Semi-Privates (2-4 people) & Small Groups (5-6 people): Designed to enhance your connection and communication with the drums and explore understanding of polyrhythms. Fine-tune dynamic musical collaboration through deep and meaningful rhythmic conversations.

RATES: Individual Private: $55/hr Semi-Private (2-4 people): $35/hr/person Small Group (5-6 people): $30/hr/person

Appointments must be made in blocks of 6 sessions and run on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, unless this is a one-time workshop, which would run between 2 to 4 hrs. Payment must be arranged at the beginning of the sessions and can be paid in full or at the start of each session. There will be an additional $5 - 25 depending upon the distance to cover travel expenses if classes are your home. Sessions begin promptly and are scheduled for 60 minutes. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday at a mutually agreed upon time at your home.

Pay in Full for 6 Private Sessions $330, plus $16.50 paypal service fee = $346.50 in total

Pay in Full for 6 SemiPrivate Sessions $210, plus $10.50 paypal service fee = $220.50 in total

Pay in Full for 6 Small Group Sessions $180, plus $9 paypal service fee = $189 in total for one person in a small group

Write check to: Afia Walking Tree Please write your name, email, city, state, phone number and the course you are registering for. Let us know if you need a drum. Please email to get send to address.

1. Bring your drum or use ours
2. Journal & Pen
3. Sacred altar item that you will focus your intentions into each week
4. Your curiosity, willingness and passion (even if it's a desire to have these) to explore with radical truth and acceptance of where you are in any given moment and your open communication.

Send an Email for more information about our offerings and availability: Spiritdrumz@me.com with questions you have about classes, performances, workshops, or keynote addresses. ~Let's drum and heal together! See you soon!

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